Heavy-duty storage shelves

1. Heavy duty shelving – heavy duty beam shelving

2. Heavy-duty shelves–heavy-duty shelving shelves

3. Heavy-duty shelving–through shelving

4. Heavy-duty shelving–Loft shelving platform

5. Heavy duty shelving – steel platform


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4.1 Heavy duty shelving – heavy duty beam shelving
Heavy-duty beam shelving is a more common type of shelving used, and has good practice taking efficiency. The storage density of fixed shelves is lower and the stored goods are heavier, so it must be used with pallet and forklift, so it is also called pallet type shelves. When choosing heavy-duty racks, the size and weight of pallets and goods as well as the number of stacked layers must be considered to determine the appropriate column and measurement size. In addition, in order to improve the space utilization rate, the width of the aisle can be reduced, with the matching stacker in the form of track, so that the storage space is vertical, that is, the narrow aisle type material rack.
Product characteristics:
1、Multiple folding surfaces of columns, solid and stable;
2、Hanging piece of two-way hanging teeth to make the crossbeam better stress conditions.
4.2 Heavy-duty shelves–heavy-duty shelving shelves
Heavy-duty shelves are usually manual access methods, assembled structure, layer spacing is adjustable, the goods are often set or not very heavy unpackaged items (i.e., in manual access), the height of the shelves are usually below 2.5m, or manual inconvenience involved (such as supplemented by a high car can be set at about 3m). Unit shelf span (length) should not be too long, unit shelf depth (width) should not be too deep, according to its unit shelf load per layer can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf type shelves, the laminate is mainly steel laminate, wood laminate two.
Product characteristics:
1, shelf type shelves can be arbitrary, combined layer pitch is also adjustable at will;
2、Shelf type shelves have a strong carbon steel chrome-plated grid, which can promote the free flow of air and make the surrounding environment of goods dry and ventilated;
3, shelf type shelves can be customized according to the needs of the shelf knot structure, a variety of functions, easy to load and unload.

4.3 Heavy-duty shelving–through shelving
Pass-through racking is also called corridor racking or drive-in racking. Through-aisle racking can be used by forklift (or unmanned truck with forks) to drive into the aisle to access the goods, which is suitable for storing goods of small variety and large volume type. In addition to the cargo space close to the aisle, it is usually recommended to have no more than 7 cargo space depths for single-sided pickups, as forklifts need to enter the interior of the shelves to access the goods. In order to improve the running speed of forklift, the guiding track can be configured according to the actual needs. Compared with the cargo bay shelves, the utilization rate of the storage space of through shelves (drive-in shelves) is improved, and through shelves (drive-in shelves) are widely used in wholesale, cold storage and food and tobacco industries.
Product features:
1、Goods storage channel is also forklift storage channel, is a form of storage density higher shelves;
2、Usually used for storage of goods with fewer varieties but large batches and low requirements for goods picking;
3, to the height of ordinary forklifts, the number of layers of the corridor shelves for the conventional scheme of three layers of goods, the storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased, compared to the reduction in investment costs, the effect is significant.
4、Goods follow the principle of first-in, last-out, suitable for most of the handling machinery storage operations.

4.4 Heavy-duty shelving–Loft shelving platform
Attic shelving system, usually using medium shelf type shelves or heavy shelf type shelves as the main support plus the floor (according to the total load weight of the shelving unit to determine the choice of shelves), the floor is usually selected cold-rolled steel floor, patterned steel floor or steel grille floor.
Loft type shelving system is to build a middle loft on the existing workplace or shelves to increase the storage space, can do two or three layers of the loft, suitable for accessing some light bubble and small and medium-sized goods, suitable for multi-variety large volume or multi-variety small volume goods, manual access to goods. The goods are usually sent to the second or third floor by forklift, hydraulic lifting platform or freight elevator, and then sent to a certain position by light trolley or hydraulic pallet truck.

Product features:
1, the attic shelves can raise the height of the shelves, making full use of the storage height and better use of storage space;
2, attic shelves floor laying shelves special floor, compared with patterned steel plate or rigid grating layer load capacity, good integrity, layer load uniformity, flat surface, easy to lock and other characteristics;
3, the attic shelves fully consider humanized logistics, beautiful design, generous structure. Easy to install and disassemble, flexible design according to the field;
4、The attic shelves are suitable for storing many types of items.

4.5 Heavy duty shelving – steel platform
Steel platform is also called working platform. Modern steel platform structure has various forms and functions. The biggest feature of its structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible in design, and more widely used in modern storage. Engineering structures made of steel are usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of steel sections and steel plates; the parts are connected with welds, screws or rivets.
Steel structures are mainly used for load-bearing skeletons in heavy workshops, plant structures subject to dynamic loads, plate and shell structures, towering TV towers and mast structures, large-span structures such as bridges and depots, and high-rise and super high-rise buildings.
Product characteristics:
1、Steel is characterized by its own high strength, light weight and high stiffness, so it is especially suitable for the construction of large span and super high and super heavy buildings;
2, the material homogeneity and isotropy of steel structure is good, is an ideal elastomer, the most consistent with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics, is the ideal building material for today’s few;
3, its material plasticity, toughness, can have a large deformation, so it can well withstand the dynamic load. Many large buildings is the main body of the steel structure, the world’s first door, is located in Suzhou, is the main body of the steel structure;;
4, construction period is short, a building of three hundred square meters, only five people, thirty working days, can be done from construction to decoration in just one month. It can be described as cost saving, time saving and labor saving;
5, the steel structure building has a high degree of industrialization, high degree of line mechanization, can be specialized production, improve the efficiency and reduce the difficulty of construction. And the current stage of high speed energy-saving society is very consistent.


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